Why Your Business Needs the VIA Revenue Throughput Program

The VIA Revenue Throughput Growth Program from CITEC and Value Prop Interactive will help you develop the strategies, plans and real world actions you need to achieve the revenue growth results you’ve been seeking. The Program is not an academic or theoretical “seminar series”. It is a dynamic, hands-on experience landing on your best action plan for true revenue growth.

It’s often said, “If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying”The facts prove out that this is true; especially for owners who will exit within the next 10 years.

Why Growth?  Because growth will :

  • Positively impact your personal economic status;
  • Increase your future exit opportunities and leverage;
  • Give you the ability to make necessary investments;
  • Create a “buffer” above the “red line” of your business;
  • Reduce customer and/or industry concentration risk;
  • Increase your ability to adjust to changing market conditions;
  • Enable you to fire unprofitable customers;
  • Enable you to pursue new products & markets;
  • …In short… growth means you get increased control of your future.

If growth is that important, then why don’t all businesses experience their full growth potential? sideview mirror

  • The “how” of attaining growth can seem straightforward –  but it can be very difficult to implement.
  • It all begins with you; the owner.  Are you, as a business owner, really committed to grow? If so, are you ready to change the way you view your business?
  • There are often processes in your business that you don’t know are constraining growth!
  • These processes are “blind spots”; things that you don’t know that you don’t know.  These blind spots are the bottlenecks that suppress growth; day after day, year after year!

You’re smart. Your leadership team is capable. If you knew what these blind spots were, you would do something about them. But, like many businesses, you don’t know what they are – they’re hidden from you!  Through the Via Revenue Throughput Program from CITEC and Value Prop Interactive – for the first time  – business owners can examine their businesses and quickly uncover these blind spots!

How does Via do that?

Via offers a unique and proven diagnostic tool, the “Revenue Throughput Analyzer™”, that enables business leadership teams to quickly gain a holistic view of how each of your business processes interact and which ones are contributing or constraining your growth!

Once your blind spots are uncovered:

  • You will participate in an ongoing program with Via and CITEC Consultants to address and eliminate them – along with any other constraints to continuous growth for your business.
  • CITEC/Via Consultants will help you focus your leadership team on effective initiatives to optimize your revenue throughput.
  • You will apply the right resources, in the right place, at the right time.
  • You will learn new methods to create new growth.
  • You will learn how to implement a continuous business growth mindset within your organization to ensure ongoing growth.

The Via Program is delivered through a partnership with Value Prop Interactive. We’ll help you develop the strategies, tactics and processes you need to grow your business.


Is Your Leadership Team and Business Ready for Revenue Growth?
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The Via Program will help you establish a proven framework to get your business revenue not just growing, but growing faster and growing continuously.

Perfect for small to medium sized companies wanting to capitalize on innovative methods used by some of the fastest growing, big companies in the world. Even better for those companies that feel they’re doing everything they can – but know it could be better.

Via has adapted these proven growth methods, scaled them to work in smaller businesses and designed a truly effective ongoing growth program incorporating a practical, common sense growth improvement “learn-do” format that will work for you, now and in the future.

“The Revenue Throughput Program is working well for us. We enhanced our website following the meetings to improve our SEO and become more visible to search engines. The segment on negotiating … promoted changes in our thinking and improved how we interact with customers. The mentoring between sessions was helpful in boosting our progress.”

Bill Lathrop

President, Colonial Spring Co.

Flat is NOT the new growth. Contact us about the VIA Revenue Throughput Program.

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The key to your Real Success

Revenue Throughput is the measure of how effectively and efficiently the right kind of revenue flows through your business. Understanding Revenue Constraints and Contributors gives leadership teams all the right “levers” to pull to successfully grow revenue!

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The Program

The key to Revenue Throughput

The VIA Revenue Throughput Program from Value Prop Interactive and CITEC will help you develop the strategies, plans and real world actions you need to achieve real revenue results. The Program is a dynamic, hands-on experience for creating true revenue growth.

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The Partnership

The key to the Program

Value Prop Interactive has worked with owner-led companies for over 10 years. The company‘s proven methods are based on research and experience and – when combined with CITEC’s local process experts – unlock a new level of growth expertise and support for companies in the North Country.

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“[The Program] really pushed us to actually talk about things that we may have assumed we understood or we felt somewhat comfortable with but actually putting some definition to it, some specific discussions on some specific tasks and really giving us a road-map to move forward in regard to working together as a management team.”
-Bob Lyndaker - President, Grand Slam Safety, Inc.

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